Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ARULMIGU SRI RAJAKALIAMMAN TEMPLE -1st World Hindu Glass Temple in Johor Bahru Malaysia




Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman Temple is one of the oldest temple in Johor Bahru. It was subsist since the year 1922 on the land is given to the Indians by Johor Sultan.

The temple’s growth was ridiculous as it was just a small hut in the early years and turn to be one of the biggest temple in Johor Bahru. The temple Chairman , Mr. Sinnathamby who took over the responsibilities from his father, Mr.. Sivasamy,in year 1991, has dedicated his life, soul and breath to make the home of Mother Kali a great place of worship . It is a fact that this temple will be a hut forever if it is not because of his 100% commitment to reconstruct this temple again.

Knowing that it is not an easy job to build a temple, all the committees have packed up and never came back to the scene. Here, he was left alone with the load. With the courage in his heart and blessing from the Divine Mother , he decided to work on the temple construction. At the age of 21, its amazing that he could build such a beautiful temple. He manage to overcome all the suffering and pains with the name of Mother Kali.

In 1996, the temple had its grand Maha Kumbabishegam. Thousands of devotees gather here to view the beautiful new temple in Johor Bahru town. All the praise goes to this young man who went through all the hard times to gives a great place of worship.

As years passes by, he handle the pooja by himself and later he came to the position of a Guru. Creating a new way of worship, teaching people the right way to reach God, solving the problems of many is the things he have been doing since than.

This spiritual luminary developed a strong thirst to realize the divine Supreme Being at a very early age. Anyone who approach him or appealed to him for help, found solace and solutions for their problems regardless of their religion, caste, race or language.

With his profession as a teacher, he plays a big role to uphold the temple’s growth and plans a lot more to make changes in our community in various ways through Nyana Yutham Welfare Association which was launched by him in the year 2001 .


This temple is located at No. 22, Lorong satu, Jalan Tebrau , 80100 Johor Bahru. It is nearly 2 km drive from Johor Bahru Town .

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