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The fuel will be pegged at RON95 to RM 3.70 perlitre

Attention to all Malaysian car owners....FYI.

Subject: FW: From May 1, the fuel will be pegged at RM 3.90 per litre for RON97, while RON95 will increase to RM 3.70 per litre.

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 - The mechanism for fuel pricing in Malaysia has finally been finalized and controlled under one mechanism, which also takes the high and lower income group people into consideration, according to Finance Trade Minister Tan Sri Anuar Ali.

"From May 1, the fuel will be pegged at RM 3.90 per litre for RON97, while RON95 will increase to RM 3.70 per litre ( from current price of RM1.80 ). However, the prices of national-made vehicles will be lowered by at least 40 percent. For example, a full-spec family sedan Proton Persona 1.6 litre engine will cost around RM 23,000.00 excluding road tax and insurance.

Import tax and excise duty will be revised to only 30 percent, from the current 200 percent. Imported vehicles such as the newToyota Camry 2.4 litre engine will cost around RM 65,000.00." he said.

The mechanics has been said to be undertaken by a team of experts from Australia and Canada who were earlier briefed on the issue of subsidy in this country, whereas after consideration by the transport minister, they have signed the constitution that the system will be made on May 1, the day it goes into effect.

Under the new system, there will be a major effect on the existing consumers who have already purchased a vehicle and to those who are in the midst of repaying the loan of their vehicle to their financial institutions.

Ahmad Tajuddin said alternatively the government might also re-introduce a cash return annually to Malaysians.

The amount has yet to be decided but he assured that the amount will compensate the price of fuel by at least half to eligible Malaysians based on bumi quota.- SkyNet News Asia

Ong Ka Ting background

Ong Ka Ting background

Ong Ka Ting, the MCA President married Esther Low Ah Eng on 11 July, 1982.

Esther was actively involved in MCA politics in Wilayah Persekutuan then. They were both financially poor.

Ka Ting asked Esther then to go into business to help him build up his financial status.

Together with siblings from both family, they started a company. Esther was made the Managing Director & Ka Ting as one of the signatory of the company bank account No: 1403911166-1 in Malayan Banking Bhd. Jln Sultan K.L. and Public Bank Bhd. Damansara Utama PJ, as Ka Ting was the chairman of the company at all material time( he is the key person behind the company) even he was still a government servant.

Esther's brother was asked later to charge his bungalow house for overdraft facilities.

During their marriage, Esther even bought a car WV1127 for Ka Ting*s usage. After they divorced in October 1985, Esther was asked to transfer the car to him. However, the car was later sold by Ong Ka Ting and he did not give the proceeds of sale to her despite her difficulty financially.Esther & the brothers were also sued by Maybank being the guarantors for the company in the sum of RM65,000.00.

Even though they approached Ka Ting for help since he was the one who initiated and responsible for the setting up and the business of the company, he not only refused to help but threaten to put the ex-wife to jail if she were expose/reveal this matter.

Today, Esther's brother (Liew Ah Kow @ Lau Choon Bok, Law Choo Heng) are still under bankruptcy charges by bank.

Despite his irresponsibility, heartless and ungrateful attitude in handling this matter, who apparently made use of his ex-wife to establish his career and finance , then dumped her and remarried, he managed to mask himself and deceive the public as morally upright man.

A hypocrite like him has streered the public into wrong perception of moral standing, assuming by irresponsibility, ungrateful and heartless attitude are not important in a leadership's quality.
Beware that such leader like Ka Ting will only deceive the public / organisation in many issues by disguising / masking himself with many faces and lead the organisation to disaster one day... He then would certainly shed away the responsibilities and point fingers to others.

On 26th September, 1981, I and Mr.Ong Ka Ting was registered as husband and wife, Our wedding dinner was held on 11th July, 1982.

Both of us are very active in MCA politic in Wilayah Persekutuan and nationally. Immediately after we got married, Mr.Ong Ka Ting asked me not to be too active in MCA politic and asked me to concentrate in business and to support him financially.

When we got married, Mr.Ong Ka Ting was a teacher in a secondary school in Kuala Selangor, In 1983 Mr.Ong Ka Ting was transferred to Catholic High School in Petaling Jaya.

In 1986 Mr.Ong Ka Ting resigned as a teacher and became Datuk Ling Liong Sik's Personal Assistant.On 2nd August, 1982, Mr.Ong Ka Ting and my brother set up a Direct selling company called B.B.W (M) Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). At that time, I held $1 share in trust for Mr.Ong Ka Ting.
Mr.Ong Ka Ting was poor at that time and I had to support him.

Mr.Ong Ka Ting tried to raise fund from members of his family and friend to join the company in order to make up the company capital.

Mr.Ong Ka Ting managed to get $100,000-00 from members of his family and friends. As at 9th August, 1982, the share holdings of the company were as follows:-
Ong Kah Ming (brother of Ong Ka Ting) 36,000 shares
Ong Kim Seng (brother of Ong Ka Ting) 3,000 shares
Eng Watt Lian (sister of Ong Ka Ting) 3,000 shares
Ong Wai Kwai (sister of Ong Ka Ting) 20,000 shares
Ong Ka Ting 18,000 shares
Ng Chee Chuan (Ong Ka Ting's friend) 10,000 shares
Shum Seng Kam (Ong Ka Ting's friend) 5,000 shares
Low Ah Eng 1 shares
Lau Choon Bok 1 shares
Teng Gaik Kwan 5,000 shares

During the first meeting of the company's Board of Director, Mr.Ong Ka Ting insisted that he should be present by invitation as he was the key person behind the company. During the said meeting Mr.Ong Ka Ting insisted that I am to be the managing Director of the company. It was resolved at the said meeting that I am the Managing Director.

At the said meeting a resolution was passed to make Mr. Ong Ka Ting as one of the signatory of the company bank account No: 1403911166-1 in Malayan Banking Bhd at Jalan Sultan, KL, and Public Bank Bhd at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

At the said meeting it was also resolved that the bungalow house of my brother, Mr. Low Kim Hoo, to be charged to the bank to get overdraft facilities. This was subsequently carried out.I was asked by Mr. Ong Ka Ting to be a guarantor for the banking facilities.
I signed as a guarantor with Malayan Baking Bhd. for the sum of $80,000-00 overdraft, $40,000-00 Trust Receipt and $165,000-00 Letter of Credit. All the other four directors also signed as guarantor.On 16th August, 1982, Mr. Ong Ka Ting and my brother represented the company to execute an Agency Agreement with Bayerische Stahl Geschirr Werke GmbH in Germany.

Mr. Ong Ka Ting was the Chairman of the company at all material time when he was still a government servant.

On 28th April, 1983, Mr. Ong Ka Ting's brother, Mr. Ong Kim Seng, confirmed in writing that Mr. Ong Ka Ting was an active principal of the company.
During and after our marriage, I was supporting Mr. Ong Ka Ting financially including accommodation, meals, road tax, insurance, marriage expenses and etc.

I even bought a car bearing registration WV1127 for Mr.Ong Ka Ting's used. Mr.Ong Ka Ting asked me to buy a new motor bike and tender a registration number WAL 1000, which I duly did. This was done because he wanted to change the car registration number to WAL1000.

Sometime in December 1983, Mr.Ong Ka Ting came back to the company office with $18,000-00 cash monies with him and he told me that Mr.Tan Koon Swan gave him the said monies at his office, Mr.Ong Ka Ting also told me that Mr.Tan Koon Swan has a lot of cash in his office cabinet.

Mr.Ong Ka Ting gave the said $18,000-00 in order to pay for the purchase of all the company shares of Mr.Ng Chee Chuan and Ms.Teng Gaik Kwan. At that material time Mr.Ong Ka Ting has not got the monies to pay for the said shares.

After we got divorce in October 1985, (early 1986) Mr.Ong Ka Ting asked me to transfer the said car to his name in order to get a loan from JKR. At this time Mr.Ong Ka Ting was the Personal Assistant to Datuk Ling Liong Sik.

Mr.Ong Ka Ting told me that be needed funds to survive. For old time sake I sympathised with him and signed the MV3 Vehicle Transfer Form to him. I even gave 2000 Arab Malaysian Finance Bhd share to him in order to help him.

I Know for a fact that the said car has been sold by him but he did not give the proceeds of sale to me.

Now I have been sued by Malayan Banking Bhd as guarantor for the company in the sum of $65,0000-00, I asked a friend to ask Mr.Ong Ka Ting to settle this $65,000 as he was the person behind it and I became a guarantor at his request.

Mr.Ong refused to settle and threatened to put me into jail if I reveal this matter to anyone.

Mr.Ong Ka Ting also said that he is in a powerful position to do that and therefore, I should refrain from asking him to settle or put pressure on him to settle or to reveal this whole matter.

I want the people to know the real Mr.Ong Ka Ting.

Dated 22nd October, 1992

Ms.Esther Low Ah Eng

witnessed by:Encik Ahmad Maarip Bin A RaniI/C No: 290****

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Dear ALL Malaysians.

Please do Justice for TBH,Kugan,Atantuya and forALL Malaysians irrespective of races,religions.

If you are a registered voter,please do not only cast your start your own "Voter-get-Voters" campaign by chain emails ,auto generated personalised emails,etc etc.

If you are not a registered voters, please do register asap at any post offices which are computerised or at any EC office or at any political parties office as a SNAP general election 13 may be sooner than you think.

Do keep in touch thru www.malaysiakini or or search under Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Ps : Pls keep forwarding this reminder to "register as voters" to as many people as possible and get them to forward too i.e chain emails for a BETTER & FREE Malaysia \