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Symptoms of Black Magic – The Malaysian Experience

Symptoms of Black Magic – The Malaysian Experience
Posted on June 26, 2011 by Real Witch Spells

Rampant practices in black magic has led to various types of diseases and maladies that require prompt attention and cure. These diseases vary according to the strength of the individual who is a victim of witchcraft. Some may end up with mild attacks such as migraine, stiff neck, blurred vision, stomach discomfort, frequent bouts of nausea, depression, etc. Others are victims of fierce attacks such as paralysis (from the spine downwards), loss of hair, physical weakness (being tired all the time despite not performing any physical work), dementia, etc. These are just some of the symptoms on the physical level. Some physical diseases may be spiritually induced. In fact, there are many other symptoms too which do not concern the physical body alone.

One of it is concerning relationships. Many Malays in Malaysia are into this aspect. Bomohs in Malaysia conduct a thriving business by making potions that can supposedly win the love of someone without much hassle. In addition to that, the bomohs too employ spirits to break up couples or families. Households have been wrecked by such diabolical means. Even the non-Malays in Malaysia are into such practices.

The other common symptom is concerning finances. Competition in business is healthy. It brings out the best in an individual or organisation to strive for the best. But it can mean disaster to those who do not aspire to improve themselves in their trade or profession. In order to have an upper hand, this particular group do not compete on an equal footing. They resort to witchcraft to kill their competitors. Their reasoning – kill off the competitors and we strive in our business. If the competitors are unbelievers in witchcraft, they become easy targets. Their businesses suffer and they wind up their businesses eventually. However, some seek the help of spiritual healers to find out the erratic loss of business. In this way, they may be able to at least continue their businesses and stop the rot. In Malaysia, the economy alone does not affect business but the witchcraft aspect too.

The cure for these symptoms can be had by seeking spiritual help from adepts in this field. They are not far to seek. Some of them impose minimal charges for their services. If you experience any unexplainable phenomena, it’s always wise to seek spiritual help. Although it is not a panacea for all ills, it may shed some light as to what is happening in your life right now.

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  1. i have question regarding this black magic stuff. recently i went to visit a pries (indian) which says that i have been foolowed by a mystriuos creature since birth. the surpirising thing is that he told me the accurate symptoms of my parents going through without even knowing them. however i dont really know exactly who did it but it may be bacause my mum is doing well in her business..but i have doubt on that too because when i was born my mum haven started any business as yet. them how could this be true and ther are possibilities that it is very confused and i need someones help to clarify my situation and further help is need. in my mums health concern i need help urgently!
    thank you.