Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A SCAM IN THE MAKING - True stories of the victims being Scamed

True stories of the victims .............

Just wanna share....this just happened to me this morning at 10.00......A SCAM IN THE MAKING. I received a sms from this no 610100 , claiming that it is from Pos Malaysia and there is a vey urgent High Court document that was not collected from the post office. Please dial 0 for further information. When I dialed 0, a person answered the call asking my full name and NRIC,which I gave. The guy further said that there is a document which they have send to my house but nobody at home and it was returned and needs your urgent attention.They gave me a reference number 49951 and said there will be a guy calling you from the nearest post office to give you details of which branch to collect the documents. However, a person claiming to be an Inspector from Bukit Aman called by the name of Insp Kamarul Hisham Bin Ahmad from Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah. The number appeared in my mobile was 22662222 (they even have my h/p number). He claimed that I am involved in a money laundering scam and ask if I knew En Azmi Osman from JB, I said no. He said that I have opened a Savings account with Ambank JB and have transferred RM 100,000.00 to an overseas account and possible will be arrested or called for questioning at Bukit Aman. He said this is serious and ask for my full co-operation. I was terrified and shocked....he further said that I might be caught and interrogated if I dont co-operate. He then ask me to get a paper,pen and go somewhere quiet and started asking me questions which will be recorded. Questions are : 1) My Full name 2) My NRIC number 3) On 22/11/2011 , where was I coz on this date an account was opened with Ambank JB. 4) Did you transfer RM 100K to an overseas account. 5) Did you in the last 1 year given your documents to any 3rd party.....photocopy IC. 6) Letters were send to your house,did you receive them. The scam starts here - After all the questions, he ask me that to avoid this syndicate to further use your details, there is a form that you need to sign and fax to Bank Negara to protect you. I dont know how he is goin to get my signature but I started suspecting something is wrong and told him that I want the letters from Bukit Aman stating I am a suspect and involved in this scam. I ask him to fax to me the letters and only then will I go an make a police report with a lawyer and sign the document to Bank Negara. He didnt sound panic and said ok and ask for my fax number which I gave and now its about 1 hour and no faxes received from him. I immediately called the number (22662222), its actually from Bukit Aman but there is no one named Insp Kamarul. According to the Officer, there is a scam going on using the number of Bukit Aman to con the public. I further called Ambank and checked whether I have opened an account at JB,you guess it right, A BIG NO...NO, NO ACCOUNT opened there. SO ITS CONFIRMED A SCAM.....A NEW WAY OF GETTING YOU TO SIGN A DOCUMENT OR ASKING MONEY.......BE CAREFUL GUYS....IT JUST HAPPENED TO ME.

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  1. The same thing happened to me on 13th march. except for the caller from bukit aman claimed himself as sargeant chan wee liam. i lodged a police report to safeguard my interest since i've disclosed my ID.