Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tak Nak

Tak Nak
Posted by masterwordsmith On Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today, The Star had news that people who wish to join RELA can now
register online, in only a few minutes.

Wah! RELA so modern one mah! Boleh daftar secara "online"! Cepat dan mudah!

That news is both telling and worrying.

RELA members have "Carte Blanche", they can arrest people, carry and use firearms, detain and question people and they don't have any accountability under the law.

It appears the government is trying to rapidly increase the number of RELA members.

The government could use RELA as thugs who harass, arrest, detain, question or kill anyone who the government feels is a political threat.

The government could also use RELA members to commit violence as a pretext to declare an Emergency or as thugs who disrupt polling places during elections.

It appears the government is becoming increasingly desperate and insecure in the face of public revelations about it's lies and other misdeeds.

In a civil society, in a democracy, NOBODY is above the law.

RELA has NO legitimate reason to exist in Malaysia, if Malaysia is a democracy founded on the rule of law and respect of human rights.

NO person or organisation, RELA, the Prime Minister, Home Minister, RPK, Anwar Ibrahim, Pakac Luteb, Lim Kit Siang, etc. should EVER be above the law in a democracy.

RELA should immediately be disbanded and declared illegal, not
expanded as The Star reported today.

RELA has NO relevance in the Malaysia of today and NO relevance in the Malaysia of the future.

Say "Tak Nak!" to RELA!

Thank you.

*Written by Pakac Luteb

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