Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Chinese, They Have No Window In Their Homes!!!

The Chinese, They Have No Window In Their Homes!!!


I think this is a good one for Malaysian Chinese to read...................and there's some truth in this....

This is so true about us Malaysian Chinese in general. We were always a lot more concerned with our own 'rice bowl' than anything or anyone else for that matter. When things get tough, like this writer said, 'we migrate, money talks'. Even now, many parents are quietly telling their children to study hard and migrate.

I remembered being a 15-year old girl in a convent school studying about the Malayan Union in a History class and having a Chinese teacher who told us in between the lines that honestly, if our grandparents etc had supported the British when they wanted to give equal rights to everyone, we wouldn't be in this situation we currently find ourselves now.

But no, our grandparents were too busy 'minding their own business' to care about politics, not realising that politicians are really the ones who decide where their 'next bowl of rice' were coming from. This is what happens from having a 'tidak apa attitude' most of the times. In the end, Malayan Union was abolished and UMNO was formed and given the 'rights' topretty much form the nation the way it is today with special privileges given to the Malays.

I also have to say I saw these Malays who participated in the Bersih Rally. I was on my way to church that Saturday when the rally was held. It had been pouring like crazy in KL that afternoon and many of them were in the LRT I was on. Damn! Was I proud of them, for having the guts to stand up against their own race for a cause they believed in?

Either we participate in the whole political process and decide how we want the future to be for us and the future generation or others will decide for us and the option to choose will therefore then be taken away from us, and then, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves for choosing to keep silence.


I looked out the window. And I saw.

Thousands and thousands of Malays in the Bersih Rally. They were fighting their own kind for a cause they believed in. And they risk being ostracized by their Muslim brothers. And they risk much

I looked out the window. And I saw.
Thousands and thousands of Indians holding the picture of Gandhi in the streets. All were teargassed and many beaten with batons. At Batu Caves , they were locked in, pumped with tear gas and sprayed with chemical water.80 are awaiting trial. 31 are charged for attempted murder of apoliceman who attacked them. All their leaders are under ISA. The one that got away fled the country.

I looked out the window. And I saw.
Thousands and thousands of Chinese closing their doors. Minding their own business. Watching the soap operas. Playing mahjong. Going to the gym. Planning for holidays. Eating bah kuet teh. Enrolling their children in private schools. Going for line dancing. Changing to a bigger car.Perming their hair brown. Going to the movies. Shopping.

The Chinese. They don't look out the window.
Their houses. Have no windows.

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