Wednesday, February 10, 2010 is a Malaysian portal aimed to provide the most relevant information in regards to the sport. As badminton is a much loved sport by Malaysians, the portal provides all the information you need in finding out more about how it is played, where to play and what are the developments in the sport. The reputation of badminton in Malaysia is very high because of the achievements of the national badminton team in the international level and hence there are huge demands from people in all walks of life to play the game.

Historical Background.

This section provides information on how the game came about and the historical background of the sport. It also includes a small historical look into badminton in Malaysia. The development of the sport, the past achievements and records are also included in this section which also looks into the governing body of the sport in the country, its role and functions in developing Badminton in Malaysia. This is largely because badminton in Malaysia has had an illustrious past where the players have since gained some great reputation for winning trophies and tournaments since the early 60s. The historical background of badminton in Malaysia is a great place to start if you want to understand the game better.

Rules and Regulations of Badminton

For starters, you might need to first know the rules of the game inside out. This section provides the information on the rules of Badminton in which it is easy to understand and provided for in such a way that once you have read this section you could get down to playing the game straightaway. As there have been some changes to the point system of the sport, this section provides you with a chronological understanding of how the game was played before and how the sport is played now. It also includes issues like legitimate equipment as well as the appropriate clothing to play the sport in tournaments. This section also covers the various tournaments contested in the international level.


This section provides the information on badminton championships and tournaments in Malaysia. District level tournaments, state level championships information are provided here including dates, past winners and implications on the players’ achievements. Other tournaments like Thomas and Uber Cup, the All-England Championships are also reviewed and reported here. Generally, this section provides a background review and in-depth understanding into how importance these tournaments are and how it implicates the players and their ratings in the international badminton arena. Once you know when these tournaments are played, keep a watch out for them and you will appreciate the sport much more.

Badminton gear.

This section provide you with what equipments you will need to play badminton in Malaysia. It includes information like shoes, clothing, rackets, shuttlecocks as well as the appropriate courts to play in. in addition to that, there is also a directory where these retailers are, a short profile of them and where you can purchase your equipments.

This section is divided into two major parts, clothing and equipments. Clothing would be where you can get essential clothing for the game. this could be the badminton brand manufacturers or just casual clothing including advise on what to wear and what not to wear. In the equipments section, you can find out on what you need to get and what type of rackets are suitable for your game as well as reviews on shuttlecocks and others like nets and courts.

Where to play

Playing badminton in Malaysia can sometimes be frustrating, therefore this section is catered to those who are looking for courts and facilities to play the game. This is because badminton courts are sparsely located among specialized courts as well as in within schools. Advise on where you can book the courts and expected booking fees are profiled here. Categorized by districts and price range, you can be sure to find a place to enjoy the sport by browsing through our directory of badminton courts.

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