Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dyslexia screening at UKM

Dyslexia screening at UKM

Dr Alvin Ng, a clinical psychologist, will embark on this research project and he is seeking to test children with risk of dyslexia - poor reading and writing skills, though most usually also have other associated learning difficulties. (Pl read his email below)

Many smart kids who do badly in school are often mislabelled as lazy. As such, they don't get the required help, and they end up struggling through school .

So, if you suspect that your child may just have dyslexia, volunteer for this exercise. If tested positive, then seek assistance soonest possible. If not, good and find out other reasons for his low performance at school.

If interested, kindly contact Dr Alvin directly at nglaioon@yahoo. com.

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