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Anwar lashes out at Singapore over MH370

Anwar lashes out at Singapore over MH370

'WRONG': It should not be praising Malaysia's 'mediocre' search efforts, he says

PETALING JAYA: DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim has hit out at  Singapore for supporting "mediocre" Malaysian efforts in the search for MH370, while absolving himself of  a controversial statement that he could handle the tragedy in a second.
Commenting on the recognition of other countries on Malaysia's attempts to find the missing aircraft, the opposition leader singled out Singapore as being "inconsistent" between championing meritocracy and mediocrity.
"Singapore has repeatedly praised Malaysia. I thank them in the case of MH370. But Singapore sometimes contradicts itself. It talks about meritocracy, but (would settle for) mediocre leaders in the neighbouring country (Malaysia)," he said at a press conference at PKR headquarters here yesterday.
Anwar said the opposition was not against the search-and-rescue operation as a whole.
"We are not saying that everything is wrong in Malaysia. We are saying there is no transparency.
"(For example), there are (matters on) radar and mangosteens (pertaining to allegations that the MH370 flight manifest not made public or clear). These are the central issues."
The PKR de-facto leader said the Singapore government should not infer that the Malaysian opposition was irresponsible in its criticism.
"And (Singapore) repeatedly say that it is satisfied. I mean are you satisfied with mediocrity when you talk about meritocracy in your country?"
On the recent controversial statement in which Anwar was quoted as saying that he would only take one second to address the mystery of MH370, he said he was misquoted by the report.
"I refer to the original statement in which I said I would take one second... which I meant that I will take a spontaneous action on my part to take immediate action to protect national security and disseminate information in a transparent manner."
On April 5, a Chinese daily published an interview by the Southern Weekly magazine with Anwar, quoting him as saying that he would only take one second to decide to ensure national safety and provide information to the people if he was the prime minister.

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