Saturday, August 17, 2013

Miss Lim's carjacked experience! SS2 Petaling Jaya

Miss Lim's carjacked experience!

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have shown tremendous concern and now relate my nasty experience during my recent misfortune.
If you happen to know of anyone who provides daily to and fro transport from SS4,
Kelana Jaya and Sri Garden, please let me know. I am from the primary section.
My Myvi was carjacked by 2 guys in front of my house on Saturday’s night (14/7/12)
when I returned at 9:10p.m. from SS2 Macdonald.

By 9:35p.m., I lost my car and all my personal documents. In fact, when I reached my house, I did look around but I did not see any suspicious car. As I bent down to put on
my shoes before getting down, there was a sudden knock at my driver’s side window.
I looked up and saw a smiling smartly dressed man signalling to me to wind down my window but I ignored him. I proceeded on to look for my shoes. All of a sudden, I heard
a loud bang next to my ears. I looked up and saw a hole with glass shattered around it.
I realized then it was a robbery. I screamed for help and the guy kept hitting the glass splinter onto my face, hair and mouth.
The robbers came in a big, dark coloured car with black tinted windows. I couldn’t drive away as the robbers’ car had blocked my way. My car was also sandwiched between my neighbour’s car and a lamp post. There is a drain next to the playground on my left front passenger’s seat too.
After smashing the window, the robber stretched his hand into my car to unlock it. There was an accomplice behind the guy and I knew that both of them were getting ready to enter my car. I continued screaming as I got ready to escape. The minute I could open
the passenger’s door quietly in the dark, I quickly crawled from the driver seat to the passenger seat and had a quick jump across the drain. I was out and ran helter-skelter
for my life. One of them chased after me. I turned around and saw that I was quite within a striking distance of the robber and his steps were big as he is a tall man. At that moment, I automatically ran in a zigzag manner as I used to play the catching game
‘You Cannot Catch Me’ with the lower level students during the break time; where one
has to run in a zigzag manner to avoid being caught. I could control my movements better than when I played in school because I was bare footed when I escaped.
Soon the distance between the robber and me increased as he stopped a few times during the chase. I continued running very fast with all my might round a tree until he finally decided to give up chasing me. During the chase, his accomplice was already inside my car and getting ready to leave the scene with him. I helplessly watched them drove away my Myvi which I just bought 3 months ago with my handbag and Macdonald food in it. I shouted at the top of my voice during the whole ordeal but nobody was there to help, not even the security guards whom I have been paying RM50.00 monthly for the security of the area.
The last few days, I was in and out of the police station, driving licence & IC dept, bank and insurance company. What an experience to make my life topsy-turvy!
I am a person who never uses the honk system so I forgot about using it or the alarm system when the robber smashed my window. I also forgot to remove my car key when
I made my escape. I should have removed the car key and threw it into the drain.
I am sharing my experience with you because I am the 3rd case when the police inspector interviewed me on Sunday morning at 8:30. The robbers nowadays prefer to target single lady while the car is stationary with the driver inside the car or when she is getting in or getting out of the car. So lady teachers, please be smarter than me!!!

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