Monday, July 30, 2012

Robbery at Taman Mayang, Road SS25/37, PETALING JAYA

Latest, Robbery at Taman Mayang, Road SS25/37, PETALING JAYA
Be careful... even though it was reported that Pemandu said it's efforts have brought the crime rate down, it's just THEIR perception. See email from my friend below. That's reality! 
I am the neigbour of the victim,Mr Woo whose house was robbed on Tuesday night at 11.30 pm.  
Mr Woo (in his sixties) went out to throw the rubbish at a distance towards the back of his house leaving the front door and gate open.
4 robbers rushed in without  him knowing. There were 4 of them (2 of them had a  2 ft long parang) and 1 robber waiting outside in a white Honda car.
When Mr. Woo returned and he noticed the car he thought his son's friends were visiting him. He thought he saw a man with a helmet and he thought his son's cancer patient friend was visiting. As Mr. Woo was very dirty after cleaning the compound and since there were guests in the house, he decided to go to the back door and called for the son.  
The son could not respond as he already has a parang to his neck. Mr. Woo  decided to throw another round of rubbish and then went to the front gate again to look and see if the guests have left. As he was hovering around, the robber waiting inside the Honda car informed his accomplices to hurry. (The robber did not know Mr. Woo is the owner of the house).
Inside, the robbers started to sapu everything and ask the occupants to give them their jewelry, cash and watches. The victims lost handphones, laptop & ipads.
It was unfortunate that Mr. Woo had visiting relatives from overseas staying over. His nephew from Australia had used his house for a wedding ceremony a week ago. So they were additional valuables. His brother's wife begged the robber to return her handbag and said that she love it very much and they did so.  
Finally, the old man after hovering outside for a while decided to go in the house. The robber outside immediately rushed out of the car, grabbed & hold up his two hands from behind. That's when we heard hiim screaming in great fear. 
The remaining robbers inside rushed out with their loot and left. Another neigbour hearing the commotion had called the police and as usual they came after the robbers had left.
Actually, their modus operandi is to tie up the occupants first with the plastic straps (pictured below). They have left behind a packet - about 20 straps. They then take their time to ransack the house. . 

But because Mr. Woo  was hovering outside, the robber waiting outside had informed the accomplices via handphone to hurry so they did not had the time to tie the victims. 
The same gang (big-sized indian guys) had struck another neigbour's house, two roads away a month ago. The house door and gate were opened and the robbers rushed in. (The committee of Taman Mayang can verify). In that case, they tied up the whole family and ransacked the whole place.
When they wanted to take the laptop the young daugher pleaded with the robber and said that she has assignments to do. The robber returned the laptop and even told her to study hard.
Just be careful  ... do not leave both the grill door and the gate open without being vigilant..

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