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Debate Speech on 18.5.2012 on Motion of Appreciation to TYT’s Speech on 14.5.2012 (Edited from Hansard)

DUN May 2012 – Debate on Corruption, Electoral Threats

Debate Speech on 18.5.2012 on Motion of Appreciation to TYT’s Speech on 14.5.2012 (Edited from Hansard)

(3) Corruption, Electoral Threats
There is nothing wrong to demand for corrupt free election. The people in Sibu needs no reminder the notorious statement by the Prime Minister uttered in Rejang Park on 15th May, 2010, “You help me, I help you”. If this is not electoral corruption, nothing else is.
There is nothing wrong to demand an end to dirty politics, and Sibu had seen a lot of those. Firstly the SUPP chose tycoons as their candidates. Only tycoons can afford to buy votes. Even as I am speaking now, SUPP cadres are walking around shops and residential areas in Sibu collecting names and photocopies of ICs with a view to buy votes. I am sure the culprits in the BN are not the SUPP alone.
The BN resorted to threats. Withdrawing agriculture subsidies were quite common occurrence. The rhetoric “rakyat didahulukan” sounds dreadfully hollow, because the BN Ministers are even cutting assistance to the disabled.
A few days before the Sarawak state election of 2011, The Minister of Finance II told Sibu folks that after the Sibu by-election defeat of the BN, the PM had considered stopping the Sibu airport extension project.
The Minister had also told Sibu folks that the flood mitigation project was almost stopped because of the by-election loss. He also threatened that should he lose the 2011 state election, all development projects would stop. Does this remind us the political culture of samseng?
The 13th General Election is coming soon. Are we in for a clean, free and fair election? Far from it.
A few days ago, the Prime Minister wanted us to abide by the law. Of course we have to. But we are now witnessing people setting up burger stalls in front of the home of Bersih co-chairperson Datuk Ambiga. We also witnessed a group of army veterans who went there to perform ‘butt exercises’. Yet, nothing was done to stop these actions which were clearly an invasion of an individual’s privacy. There is total absence of decency. But how could they have escaped action being taken against these crude and insensitive acts? Surely, the powerful BN is behind them.
If the Government permits them to be rude, then they should bring their butts to Sarawak to be shown to corrupt BN politicians. They should show their butts to those Ministers who had the habit of making electoral threats in order to win votes.
Their actions have made Malaysia the laughing stock of the world. Many Malaysians are still immature in politics. Yet, there are members in this august House who do not want to see improvement. They are prepared to wear blinkers and condemn the demonstrators despite not having gone to Ground Zero to understand the situation.

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