Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Woman cheated of $6,200 in Johor Baru scam

Woman cheated of $6,200 in Johor Baru scam

By Cherie Thio
A Singaporean hawker assistant holidaying in Malaysia was cheated of RM15,000 (S$6,200) - much of it her winnings from the Genting Highlands casino - then taken back to Singapore in a car.

When she tried to make a police report at the Singapore checkpoint in Woodlands, she said she was told that she had to report the crime to the Malaysian police as it happened there.

She decided to go back to Malaysia in the same car. When she started panicking, the driver showed her a knife he had with him. He then stopped at an isolated forested area, pulled her out of the car and sped off.

After one hour, she managed to flag down a passing car, and the driver took her to a Malaysian relative's home.


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