Saturday, January 7, 2012

fraud M2U Security Upgrade scam

Brief thought about how hackers hack your bank accounts, email accounts and social networking accounts. I feel obligated to share this with all my friends since being victimized by an fraud M2U Security Upgrade scam that cost me my savings. TAKE HEED, this is what/how it happens :

- You log-in into your account with your private credentials using a browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome).
- Browser keeps your credentials in its memory called Cache.
- This cache will have all your accounts credential regardless of security levels.
- When you click on the links send by hackers it will automatically steal your credentials from your browser cache.
- Hackers will decrypt your credentials and conduct the fraud using their own software tools.
- Using these tools, fraud can be done within seconds.
- So please do not click on any external links sent by anyone claiming over security upgrades or whatsoever.
- DO NOT FORGET to clear your browser “Cache” once you r done with your account surfing/transactions.

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