Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bear down on recalcitrant drivers

Saturday September 17, 2011
Bear down on recalcitrant drivers

THE just concluded Ops Sikap saw a record high fatality rate of 289, and also saw the issuance of an average of 2,000 summonses a day to motorists flouting the highway code.

Statistics-wise, it’s scary and alarming, giving an indication of the disgraceful way we drive on the roads, not only during festive seasons but also on a daily basis.

The days when traffic offenders would feel awfully sorry for breaking the highway code, and having to pay for doing so, are gone. The new attitude is: “who cares and what does it matter”.

And since they are not in any way being “inconvenienced” for non-settlement of summonses, and summonses are seen “payable when able and at favourable times”, recalcitrant traffic offenders would continue flouting the law and collecting more summonses, making a mockery of the system.

With the ever increasing vehicle population on the road, accidents and fatalities are bound to also rise unless serious thought is given to the matter.

As motorists have proven not receptive to various road safety campaigns, the only option is strict enforcement aided by modern technologies, not only during festive seasons but also daily throughout the year.

If other countries can impose law and order to make their roads much safer, we too can do it true to the tag “Malaysia Boleh”. And half the battle is won if there is this important factor – political will.


Ulu Klang, Selangor.

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