Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do's and don't during hungry ghost festivals

Spiritual thing is an unexplained object. Do you believe in ghosts? I have asked a lot of people about the belief in ghosts or spiritual things, most of the feedback I received were ”I believe half-half”. I find this answer very strange. Either we choose to believe it fully or we don’t believe it at all. There is no such thing as half-half.

This month is the Chinese Lunar 7th month and it is also known as ”The Hungry Ghost Month”. As legend believes during this month all the spiritual “things” will be let lose and free to walk in our world. Therefore, the percentage of bumping into them is higher. In this post I am going to share with you all the DOs and DONTs during this month and also some pictures of the celebration. For those who want to overcome “spiritual” meets and also for those that don’t believe precaution is better than cure, this will be a good guideline.

Avoiding standing under the tree or under the bus stop during night time.
Usually it is dark and cold under the tree shade and bus stop. It is believed that these “things” will usually rest under that kind of condition. If you are “good” luck that day, it will follow you back home.

Manicure, do not use dark or black color
Ladies, if you love paiting your nails and frequently visit the manicure center, please choose light colour coat for your nails during this period. this is because only dead people will have dark-coloured nails. If you have that color they might think that you are one of them.

Do not step or kick the praying items and temporary altar by the roadside.
During the Lunar 7th month, there will be a lot of praying items and temporary altars placed by the roadside and these are all meant for the “thing”. If you accidentally stepped on them, it is better that you apologise to them. Else if you get them angry I am not sure what they can do.

Do not place your kid on the altar/offering table when visiting or praying to these sites.
As there was a case where a mother took her child to this event, the kid’s shoe dropped while the mother was handling some offerings. The mother placed the kid on the altar to pick up the shoe from the floor. After she got the shoe, the whole kid had turned into blank color and passed away.

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